Battlesnake is a Softcode supplement/replacement bot for BattletechMUX.

The typical BattletechMUX requires numerous complex systems to function. For example:

  • Mech ref libararies
  • Economic simulations
  • Stores for purchasing/selling commodities and parts
  • Player stat tracking
  • Bulletin board systems

While these have all been successfully built and maintained in softcode, maintenance and future expansion can be very slow. Softcode is a poor choice for larger systems.

There are also things that can’t be done in-game without the help of hardcode modifications or logfile workarounds:

  • Sending emails
  • Communication with arbitrary databases/data stores
  • Web-based character creation
  • Integration with messenger services
  • Utilization of social media

Battlesnake aims to supplement or replace large chunks of softcode in your game, while also opening up any external services you’d like to use.

Learning more

Project Status: Early development

License: Battlesnake is licensed under the BSD License.

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